Sugar is Poison


I gained 80lbs from my first son in 2013 and it took over a year and a half to lose the unhealthy weight. (I am a little over 5 ft so that’s a LOT of weight for my frame!) It was hard to say the least and especially with my appetite (y’all know I love me some tacos 😍) This time I actually listened to my sister (she’s a doctor so… I probably should have listened the first time too 😅). During my recent pregnancy, I gained 80lbs AGAIN! I tried not to gain too much weight but I packed it on with no end in sight. Thanks to Dr Erin at Max-Wellness Center I now know why I had gained so much so fast!

The big secret is sugar and it’s because IT IS POISON!! I lost 80lbs in less than 7 months by simply cutting out sugar. I still eat tacos, pizza, and hamburgers! Now that I don’t eat sugar my intense cravings to eat junk food are gone and I crave healthier foods now. (No, I also do not use any artificial sweeteners.) I also noticed my intense desire to eat large amounts of food in one sitting was almost instantly gone!! Stop eating sugar people, it’s killing you. Diabetes is just the tip of the killer sugar iceberg. I cannot believe what a huge difference removing sugar from my diet would make!! It’s truly life changing!!

This brings me to my next point, body shaming. I don’t care if you are blabbing about tall, short, overweight, or underweight body shaming is wrong. I was skinny shamed my entire childhood and spent the majority of elementary school and middle school severely depressed. I was so ashamed to be too skinny and I obsessed over trying to gain weight. It nearly ruined my life. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was told that I was referred to as a fat pig. When you skinny or fat shame someone, you’re just revealing your own insecurities and pain. (As for me? I actually enjoyed being fat and if it had not begun to effect my health I would have traded my size zero for a 16 in a heartbeat 😅) the moral of the story is this, always love your body first. If you’re comfortable, healthy, and happy then anyone who doesn’t like it can kiss your ass and mine too.

I would like to give a special thank you to the wonderful people at Lucky Locks Beauty Bar for my incredible makeover!! I honestly have to say no matter what size I have been I have always felt beautiful there. Big or small, I leave with the same glowing confidence every time. It’s so much more than hair and makeup and I am honored to be a part of this team.

Dr. Erin Maxwell Max-Wellness Center
Rain makeup
Allie/Teresa Hair/extensions
Lucky Locks Beauty Bar
Lucky Locks Hair Extensions
NDJ Designs earrings
Kelly bracelet BelleRay Designs

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