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A Dying Art

  It’s no secret that sewing, especially hand sewing, is a dying art. I know very few young people who can even sew on a button! It’s unfortunate considering less than 100 years ago sewing your own clothing was a part of life. Even the age old practice of hand sewing wigs is in decline! For me, sewing is therapeutic and I feel like … Read More A Dying Art

Sugar is Poison

I gained 80lbs from my first son in 2013 and it took over a year and a half to lose the unhealthy weight. (I am a little over 5 ft so that’s a LOT of weight for my frame!) It was hard to say the least and especially with my appetite (y’all know I love me some tacos 😍) This time I actually listened … Read More Sugar is Poison

Adventures of a Hungry Mom

Three years ago when Lucky Locks Hair Extensions was still on the horizon, I was a stay at home mom with a one year old son. No lie, I was miserable.