Our mission is to provide a beautiful high quality product, at a fair market price, and do it all with integrity.

In the beauty industry the term “smoke and mirrors” comes to mind, much of what you see in the media and advertising is unrealistic to say the least. The dark side of the beauty industry is filled with everything from harmful chemicals to black market products made in sweat shops and horrific animal testing. On top of all of the deep moral issues in the beauty industry, there is the infamous price markup. Although some companies do have a product that is worth the inflated markup, many do not.

Fierce Fairy Hair from day one was all about a great product for a fair price, but we have grown to encompass so much more. Even as a small business we feel morally obligated to ensure our hair extensions are never sourced from black market hair, made by child labor, and/or made in a sweat shop. We keep in close contact with our factory workers to be certain they are truly receiving fair treatment.

Our custom sewn and custom hand sewn clip ins are made right here in Texas. We take the time to select the exact colors to match your hair perfectly and to help you decide the right amount of hair you will need to achieve the look you are going for. We want you to love your set of extensions as much as we do!



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