This photoshoot was an absolute dream come true! After losing 80lbs and getting myself healthy, I realized it was time to do something completely out of my comfort zone! Renee Pierce photography truely captured my vision perfectly! I could not be more happy with these photos to signify the rebranding of Lucky Locks Hair to Fierce Fairy Hair 🧚🏽‍♀️!

I have always been nerdy and it wasn’t until fairly recently when I finally came out of my shell. I always tried to be open about the fact that I would rather be watching Star Trek or the Hobit instead of a chick flick but it was rare to find anyone that liked the same entertainment as me. I didn’t truly feel like I would be accepted for enjoying reading a scientific research articles over going out dancing with some friends. I don’t dance by the way. So if you have ever witnessed me dance, just count yourself lucky.

I’ve been completely obsessed with fantasy books and visual media since as early as I can remember. I had, and still have, an intense imagination. The difference is now I got use it for creating glimpses into who I am. I am not the “take a picture of me” type, in fact I didn’t like pictures at all before my maternity photoshoot. Now I also have realized the value of creative photography in being able to express yourself. It’s a deep and beautiful way to put the 1000 words you have in your mind and visually share them with others. Photography tells a story. You just have to look deep inside yourself and show what you find.

We put weeks of work in preparation for this day. The planning was fairly extensive, I even painted the design on the front of the corset and I made the skirt myself. It was time consuming but so worth it. Renee Pierce did an excellent job of pulling that deep inner imagination out of me. The photos were taken on some land which belongs to my husband’s family, so the area holds meaning as is. Now that I’ve opened my imagination there it means so much more.

I can’t wait to show y’all what I’ve got planned next!!


Photography: Renee Pierce

HMUA: Studio One16, Allie Toledo & Rain Sprague

Nails: Amy Barton Designs

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